Restoring .pst file/s



My hard drive crashed so a technician at PC World installed a new one. I
have regularly backed up my data on a clickfree automatic backup over the
past year so was confident that I could restore my pictures, documents,
Outlook 2007 e-mails and address book. I have managed to restore m picture
and documents but don't know how to restore my e-mails and address book.
I've looked at "Backup and Restore How To Outlook" on the Microsoft website
but it doesn't help me. I have managed to get the .pst files onto my PC from
clickfree but don't know how to transfer them into Outlook. There appear to
be three .pst files.

Can anyone, in words suitable for an idiot such as myself, tell me how to do
it? Every time I try to open the files I get blocked from doing so and I
don't have any idea of how to get everything I need back into Outlook.
Please be gentle and don't blind me with science. I need simple step by step

I would be incredibly grateful for some help as I need the 3 years' worth of
e-mails and addresses for my work. I thought backing up carefully three
times a week would ensure I never lost anything, but I was very naive.

Thank you so much.



Roady [MVP]

Where are your pst-files from your previous computer now?
Best is to place them in a folder in your My Documents folder. For instance;
My Documents\Outlook\

Then open Outlook and connect to those pst-files via;
File-> Open-> Outlook Data File...

What happens then?

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