restrict access to website




Tom Willett

Your host would have to do that in the server. It has nothing to do with
FrontPage. Contact them to see if they would block all the IP addresses from

If this is on a shared server, they most likely won't do it.

Karl E. Peterson

Bluewater said:
How can I block visitors from India from a Frontpage 2003 website?

It's highly doubtful you can. FP certainly provides no mechanism for
this. You could twiddle the IPSec policy on the server to prevent some
address ranges from getting through. Or you could devise your own
filter(s) using the REMOTE_ADDR request value.

But what's the point? You would also have to block the spiders from
every search engine that provides cached pages (, google.*,
etc). Not to mention all known and unknown proxy servers out there.

Censorship has never worked; especially on the internet.




Censors India; But you will not stop all of India on the internet.
There Ways go Around Censorship on the internet.

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