Reversing X axis flips Primary Y axis plot but not Secondary Y axis plot



In Excel 2007, I have three columns of values. When I create a scatter char
with these three columns, the first is the X axis data and I can show a Primar
Y axis for the second column data and a Secondary Y axis for the third colum
data. But when I click on "Values in reverse order" on the X axis, only th
primary Y axis data plot is flipped, not the secondary axis data. Please tes
this yourself and see what I mean. I can find no way to fix this problem.
Please let me know if you have a solution.



Tobi Ackerman

In Excel 2007, click on a chart with a secondary axes, then on the [Layout] tab on the ribbon on the top of excel click on the drop down for [Axes] and pick the options for displaying/ reversing primary and secondary axes.

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