rule to filter out relayed bounces



I use Outlook 2003 to access a POP3 account and want to create a rule to
filter out mail that is being bounced back to me. The mail in question is
from someone who is spoofing my real address. They are using a variation of
my email address and I'm getting lots of automated responses from people
whose systems are blocking those messages. Of course, I'd love to find out
who's spoofing my address and stop it but have not been able to do so. In
the meantime, I'd like to know if there is a wildcard character that I can
use to place those automated responses directly into my deleted folder.

Say my domain is There is only one real address I give out
for my domain, call it (e-mail address removed). That one address is supposed to be
delivered to my inbox. Whenever I want to give a good (not a throwaway)
address to a website (like an online merchant), I create an address for them
using their name at Thus if I were buying something from
Amazon, I'd tell them my address was (e-mail address removed). It's a valid
address and will indeed get to me but it is automatically routed somewhere
other than my inbox. My problem is that the spoofer is using addresses close
to the one I really use. He's giving his address as (e-mail address removed), or
some other combination where he's just added a few letters to my good
address. Is there a way for me to let in all mail addressed to
(e-mail address removed) but automatically delete or route messages addressed to
(e-mail address removed). I've tried writing a rule but it doesn't
seem to work. Any third party apps that would do it?



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