Rules & Template failures



I have 2 different, yet related problems.

I send an email from my gmail account to (e-mail address removed) for testing
purposes. My Outlook 2000 client picks it up, applies a rule which
essentially states that any email addressed to (e-mail address removed) be
replied to with a template and then moved to another folder (the
delete folder for now until testing is done). The first email test
gets processed as expected, except that the message returned is blank
(i.e. instead of getting the text in the template, it doesn't.) I see
the email go out through my outbox, and when I check it before it gets
sent to my ISP's mail server, it is indeed blank and when received at
gmail, is still of course blank. Since I created the template in a
"non-standard" way, I went back and resaved it using the Tools->Forms
menu, and that seemed to help, in that the reply to the test message
now has a .dat attachment, which I'm assuming is the template. So,
that's the first problem.

The second problem is that when I send a second message from gmail, it
doesn't process it the same way. The reply is not sent, though the
message gets moved - so clearly the rule is being processed, just not

Once I exit Outlook and restart, I can then run the complete test
again and it reacts the same way as just described. Restarting
Outlook everytime I get a message is not an acceptable solution.


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