Save as GIF - is better resolution possible?


Len Testa

Using Visio Standard 2003, trying to export a form I've created (think
of a restaurant menu as an example) in GIF format.

Whenever I save the GIF image using the default ("source") parameters
of 96 x 96 pixels per inch, the GIF image is readable, but not very

But when I try upping the number of pixels per inch, presumably to
increase the resolution, the clarity gets worse! The GIF images are
much more blurry and almost unreadable. Is there some trick to
getting better resolution for these images, or am I stuck at 96 x 96?
My printer can handle 300 x 300, but that doesn't seem to work well at




Dick Hamilton [MSFT]

Hi Len,

You might try switching around the settings on the View tab of the Options
dialog, The default settings are
-Higher quality text display (anti-aliased) selected -Smooth drawing
on -Higher quality shape display on. Try other combinations of these

Also try 1200 dpi rather than 300. The resolution will be downsampled when
printing from whatever program you print with. I hope this helps.

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