Saving the state of a OWC Pivot Table & Chart



My application has a screen which has a OWC Chart bound to a OWC Pivot
The Pivot table connect to a data source and pulls data and the chart
component charts the data displayed on the Pivot Table.
I would like to provide a save feature where any changes made to the
pivot table and chart can be saved by users for later retrieval. I am
writing the XMLData property of PivotTable & Chart to a file. When
user selects to retrieve the report, I set the XMLData property of the
pivot table first and then the XMLData of the chart next and then I am
binding the chart to Pivot table. What is happeneng is some of the
settings of the Chart are getting lost. Only part of the data is
charted & chart titles etc get lost. Can anyone please tell me the
right way to do this ?




Thao Moua [ms]

After loading the xml into both controls, do not bind the chart to the pivot
table. The chart xmldata contains all the information it needed to
automatically bind to the pivot table control.

If certain chart elements are missing upon loading the saved chart xmldata
then I suggest you do an internal xmldata round trip (ie webchart.xmldata =
webchart.xmldata.) Verify this operation works and nothing is lost.

Thao Moua
OWC Chartspace Support

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