I am running outlook 2007 on Vista. I received a message that my pst file had
problems and i needed to run scanpst.exe. I located it on the internet and
installed in in C:/programfiles/commonfiles/systemfiles/MSMAPI/1033. When i
ran the tool I got an error message it couldn;t find scnpst32.dll. I found
this on the internet and installed it in the /1033 folder. When I ran the
tool again it gave me another error message saying it could not find an entry
point for MSMAPI32.dll which is already installed in the /1033 folder.

This is insane. I am locked out of outlook and I have already succesfully
reinstalled Outlook at the problem is still not fixed.




Bill R

You should have used the scanpst that was installed when you installed
Outlook and located at drive:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12.
Refer here:
"Scan and repair corrupted Outlook data files"

If your PST is beyond repair or you want to just "get in" to Outlook without
accessing your old data then create a new profile via the Mail icon in
Control Panel.



Pat Willener

Scanpst is installed with Office/Outlook, and it should be accessible
through the Start menu. Make a backup of your PST file before running
the repair tool.

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