Scatter chart


Phil Stanton

I am trying to create a scatter chart for names on a map(boats in a boat

I want to supply the x & y values of the boat position and have the name of
the boat displayed at that point.

Is it possible, because I am finding if I supply x & y values Excel seems to
interpret that as 2 series of numbers

Help gratefully received





Barb Reinhardt

Let's say your Boat names are in A2:A10, the X value is B2:B10 and the Y
Value is C2:C10

Create a scatter chart for your X Y values as you would normally do.

You'll need an addon like Rob Bovey's XYChartLabeler. It can be found at Download it and ensure it's selected as an add on.

When you have the graph displayed, select tools and pull down to XY Chart
Labeler. There is an option to add labels to an entire series. Select your
series name and then select the data in A2:A10.

Barb Reinhardt

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