Securing Office Open File Dialogue.



Help !

Despite trawling through every page on the internet, I cannot find any
information on how to secure the Office Open File Dialogue (which based on
various web pages is independant of the Common File Dialogue, which again
makes no sense as if I remove registry values from HKCR it effects the Office
Open File Dialogue).

In a nutshell I would like to use AD GP to remove the right-click menu when
using Office Open File Dialogues. The reason for this is as follows :

We cannot use the 'restrict access to drive' setting available in standard
GPOs to prevent access to the C: drive (as it breaks a number of other
applications installed - bad programming on the software developers behalf),
therefore we set GPO to only hide the C: drive. As a result our users can
create shortcuts to the C: drive or just type C:\ in the location drop down
list when using the Office Open File Dialogue (which does not work in the
standard Explorer windows).

Users have also cottoned on that they can create shortcuts on USB keys or
have applications installed on USB key and use them when plugged into our
computers (we have to give the USB key access as they require it to be able
to save thier work to), we are looking at executable file monitoring programs
but the best I could find takes a restrict all allow only those specified
approach which created havoc with UNC path based scripts (e.g. executing
scripts from Domain Controllers during logon, and executing applications
installed in shared folders for various legacy applications). Thats by the
by though, the specific problem I am trying to resolve here is the
right-click feature within the Office Open/Save file dialogues.

I tried removing the HKCR shortcut menu options (e.g. Open) to prevent users
from opening .exe files etc which as stated did prevent the ability to
right-click executables in the Office open file dialogue (and choosing the
open command rather then the select command) but it also stopped applications
that execute during logon/machine startup from functioning.

I would like granular control so that certain context menu options are
available but if not possible a complete removal of the context menu within
the open file dialogue would suffice (it cannot effect right-clicking outside
of the common file dialogue e.g. within Windows Explorer, on the Windows
Desktop etc).

As the problem seems to be most prevelant within the Office Open File
Dialogue, I am hoping somebody can lead me in the right direction !

Cheers In Advance.


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