Selected Projects Could Not be Opened... (Any longer)



Hopefully this is enough information to be able to address the problem!

I'm currently receiving the following error in Project Server Web Access.
"The selected projects could not be opened in Project Professional 2007. Thi
is probably because you either do not have permissions to open these projects o
because they have been deleted."

I was able to open these before using the web access which linked into m
Office Project application. Now when I click Edit I get that error.

Didn't delete the project though, when I was updating the projects last night
had forgotten to publish them. So they were stored locally I presume. I coul
only access these by going to File -> Open.

When I tried to re-open to publish these projects this morning I got an erro
about not having permissions. (Double checked and resaved these and have al

I was never able to get into these so the cache was cleared after that, not
am unable to access those projects which were already published and within th
web access.

System Specs are:
Windows XP SP 3
Project Professional 2007

If additional information is required, I can provide just ask.
Thanks for the help in advance :)


May 21, 2012
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I have seen this issue to a client and i resolved it.

Just Repair Ms Project Professional.

Good luck

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