Separating data and formatting


Henry Stock

I am trying to see if there is a way to publish the same text in two
different formats while at the same time saving as much work as possible.
Here is my scenario...

My church publishes a monthly newsletter that is published in booklet form
using 11" x 17" paper in landscape mode. I would also like to publish the
same info in a PDF document for online reading, but I don't see how I can use
the same document because saving the publication in PDF format just looks
exactly like the printed paper. That booklet form does not work well for
online reading.

So, hypothetically, I am wondering if I can save the monthly articles in a
common format and import them into two separate templates using some
automation to speed the process. I read the one post that sort of nixed the
idea of some form of XML data format, at least when using macros. Are there
other ways of acheiving this?

Another issue is that the church is running publisher 2003 while I am
running publisher 2007.



Mary Sauer

Re- setup your document to letter. Publisher will not change the numbering. You
then can convert it to PDF, it will read correctly.

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