Set up and printing a 4-up mail merged postcard

Oct 23, 2018
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Good morning,
I work at a real estate company that creates and sends postcards on a daily basis - around 8-12k a week. We recently tested and moved to a thick cardstock that our new printer is supposed to handle. However, our usual cut size of 8.5x11 is too rigid to smoothly run a large job so they've suggested I move to a 12x18 sheet. That's fine but my two staff members are still using Publisher 2003 and I'm trying to figure out how their files can be set up easily/repeatable to print 4 up on a 12x18 (the cards are 8.5x5.5, btw) They were already set up to print 2-up with matching fronts/backs but I can't quite sort out how or if a 4-up can be done in the same way. Is this possible?

I need to print 4-up matching fronts/backs of mail-merged postcards on 12x18 paper with Publisher 2003

Thanks so much in advance


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