Steve Schapel


In a macro, just enter the SetTempVar action, in the Name argument enter
whatever you want the name of the TempVar to me, and in the Expression
argument, just enter like this:


Works as advertised, Steve. I had originally used a "sample" macro that
demonstrated this capability. I was using:

ComputerName - Macro Name
SetTempVar - Action
MyVar,fOSMachineName - Argument
[TempVars]![MyVar]<>0 - Condition
MsgBox - Action
="You entered " & [TempVars]![MyVar] & "." - Argument
RemoveTempVar - Action
MyVar - Argument

This three line macro was giving me a "Type Mismatch" error. Removing the
"<>0" part of the above [TempVars]![MyVar] Condition makes trhis macro work

Thanks for your help. I was sure I had done it right but not being a VB
programmer, I was doubting the fOSMachineName function.

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