Setting custom properties in ER Diagram


Sandeep Mishra

The requirement is as follows:

1. We have the database model represented in an excel file format.
This file will contain all the information like Tables Names, Column Names,
Primary Key Column Names, Foreign Key Relationship (Parent Column & Child

2. Using this information we need to programmatically create a
Database Model Diagram (ER Diagram) in Microsoft VISIO 2007

3. The final program will take the excel file as the input and
programmatically create the VISIO file with the Database Model Diagram

4. We’re trying to find out if there are any VISIO SDK APIs which
allow us to programmatically create database entities and set the columns,
primary key information and create relationships with connectors based on
parent column and child column

We’re able to programmatically create the database entity on the VISIO
sheet. But we face the following problems:

1. We’re unable to set the columns programmatically

2. We’re unable to set the primary key information programmatically

3. We’re unable to create relationships with the Parent column and
Child column programmatically

We want to know if this requirement can be achieved using standard APIs
exposed by Microsoft for VISIO.




the database model uses an internal/unpublished schema with no published

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