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I have Frontpage 2000. When I use shared borders, the pages are automatically
stored in the _borders directory. When I have javascript contained in my
shared boders page "top.htm" it won't display the script. However, if I move
the top.htm page out of the _borders directory and into the main directory,
so that it is not contained in any subfolders, the script functions
correctly. Is there a way that I can use the top.htm page as a shared border
without it being contained in the _borders directory?


The location of the file should not make any difference to the functioning
of any javascript provided:

1) The script is between the <body> and </body> of the shared border file

2) Any links in the Javascript are root relative or absolute.
filename.jpg is relative
/filename.jpg is root relative - note the leading / is absolute

Condition 2 means that the script will not work unless the page is on a web

The only way to use shared borders that are not in the _borders folder is to
not use shared borders. Instead, use include files.
Move the files out of the _borders folder, and remove the shared borders
from all pages. Move the files first - then remove the shared borders.
At the top of the page use:

Insert->Component->Include Page
and browse to the new location of top.htm

Note that if any pages are moved in a different folder from top.htm, the
Javascript is likely to fail again.
Ron Symonds
Microsoft MVP (Expression Web)

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I did some searching on this subject, and I understand now that any scripts
in the <head> tags need to be placed on each page, not on the borders page,
"top.htm" in my case. I did this and it works now, but only for pages not
contained in sub directories. Is there any way I can use script in the <head>
tags for my top.htm page for pages located in sub directories?


Any scripts that must go in the <head> must be placed in every page,
If there are any URLs in the javascript, these MUST be root relative or
Alternatives -
Place the script just after the <body> tag in top.htm
upgrade to Expression Web or FrontPage 2003, and use a DWT instead of shred
See my previous post regarding any links or URLs contained in the

Give a link to a page with the JavaScript and we can give further advice.
Ron Symonds
Microsoft MVP (Expression Web)

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