SharePoint: Missing Web Part Properties Tool Pane Items

May 29, 2024
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I am responsible for maintaining an organization's SharePoint site. Typically, when I need to make changes, I access the web part properties pane, select the XLS Editor button, and use the text editor to modify my HTML code. After saving and applying the changes, the SharePoint site reflects the updates as intended.

However, two days ago in the morning, I followed these steps to check my HTML code. After a few hours, when I returned to the web part properties pane, I noticed that most parameters were missing. Only appearance, layout, and advanced options were visible. I'm unsure why other parameters have disappeared.

Now, I am unable to update my HTML code because the XLS Editor button is also missing. Using SharePoint Designer 2013 for development is not feasible as it is no longer supported.

Could you please provide a solution to restore all parameters, especially the XLS Editor button, so I can update my HTML code? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.