Sharing calendars with Exchange 2003


Kelly Pothan

Sharing calendars with other users of Entourage is failing. Users can send/receive mail absolutely fine.

The permissions have been set up correctly, the users are all owners.

The calendars are blank when trying to view them.
When trying to check the permissions of the calendar from the target computer, we get the message:

Entourage cannot connect to the Exchange server to retrieve permissions.
The Exchange server might be temporarily unavailable. Verify that you are connected to the server or try again later.

The following has been tried:

- Re-creation of the account
- Deleting/re-adding the calendars
- Rebuilding the database, repairing disk permissions
- Turning SSL on/off
- Adding in an URL to the public server field.

Note users with Outlook are not having this problem, don't suspect it's an issue with the Exchange server.


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