shortcut key won't work - Word 2007



I just started using Word 2007. I have for a long time had 2 word macros:
StrikeThrough & StrikeThroughNo. They alternatively change font to "strike
through" and back to normal text. I have traditionally used the shortcut
keys: Alt-S & Alt-U. Now, the Alt-S works but Alt-U or Alt-N or Ctrl-U or
Alt-Ctrl-U works ... but the macro works when issued manually. How so?


Suzanne S. Barnhill

FWIW, you don't need macros. You can assign a keyboard shortcut to
Strikethrough (Tools | Customize | Commands: Keyboard | Format |
Strikethrough), and it will be a toggle just like Ctrl+B, Ctrl+I, and other
font formatting shortcuts.

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