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Discussion in 'Outlook General' started by, Jan 1, 2014.

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    Hi, I need a simple and intuitive thing that should have been realized in MS Outlook ages ago. It's as follows: for each of about 20 most frequent contacts I want to assign one letter or digit so that when I enter that in the"To:" field or "Cc:" field of a new message and hit Enter, the address resolves itself. No Ctrl+K, no Tabs, no nothing.

    I partially managed to do that, namely, in a contact card under "Full name"and "File as" I put just one letter (or digit). However, there are two problems. First, Outlook doesn't resolve addresses on Enter, only on Tab, which is not convenient. Second, when this letter (or digit) is contained in some other contact, the only way to get the address is to hit Ctrl+K and select from a drop-down list.

    Can you help me?
    , Jan 1, 2014
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  2. Guest

    It's MS Office 2010. Oh, and it even doesn't always work with Tab, only with Ctrl+K.
    , Jan 1, 2014
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  3. Guest

    Outlook 2010: File-Options-Mail-Send Messages-Check the box: use auto
    complete list to suggest names when typing in ........
    Might be good to empty what is in there already and start over by
    clicking the 'empty auto complete list' first.
    , Jan 2, 2014
  4. Guest

    I wish it was that easy. That box is checked by default. I emptied the auto complete list as you suggested but of course it didn't help.
    , Jan 2, 2014
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