Shortcuts in OneDrive

Dec 29, 2022
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My shortcuts to shared files in OneDrive do not behave as expected. Anyone else have this issue and know of a solution?

I have Windows 10 Pro and Microsoft 365 and in Excel I have the option to open supported hyperlinks to office files in Office desktop app. (Excel > File > Options > Advances > Link Handling). When another user shares a file with me, I create a shortcut to it in OneDrive so that I can find it again when needed. (MS needs to figure out a way a better way to allow users to organize shared files!!)

When I click on the link in OneDrive in Chrome, I get a copy of the file in my downloads folder. When I click on the shortcut in my OneDrive sync folder, it opens up the shared file in Excel Web.

Anyone know how to open the files in the desktop version automatically? Or at the very least have the file open up in the web version when access from OneDrive web and the desktop version when access from OneDrive sync folders?

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