sideways stacked bar charts with line series on the same axis


Spence Tepper

I am using stacked bar charts to show the various stages a patient goe
through in their visit to the Doctor's office. Each stacked ba
represents one patient. Most of the stages all follow in a linea
sequence, but a few key points do not. For those, I am trying to ad
markers using line charts. So, there are the stages that follow on
another, each with the time value for that particular patient, on
stacked on the other, and then there are the markers indicating wher
the non-linear events occurred.

I add the non-linear events, such as when the MD walks into the exa
room, as another series but change that series to a line chart instea
of a bar chart, and take out the "line" but leave the marker.

I end up with stacked bars showing how long each patient waited at eac
stage, and a marker where the MD intervened (sometimes they come out t
the waiting area, sometimes they see the patient early in their exa
room, sometimes the patient waits in the exam room a long time befor
the MD enters --- the marker for the MD can fall anywhere on th

The problem I am having is turning this sideways so that you can follo
the stages left to right. You can select a sideways stacked bar chart
and that does show the stages for each patient from left to right. Bu
it does not appear that excel allows you to do the same with the lin
chart series. Changing the chart type to a side-ways stacked bar onl
works for the bars, and not the line. So, you end up with line marker
that are not related to the same axis as the stacked bars, and Excel no
adds a second axis when you try to do this.

Is there a way to have both a sideways stacked bar chart with a lin
chart that also runs sideways on the same axis


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