Slow Excel graph with date axis


Markus T

I've just created a simple chart in Excel 2007 SP2 with five columns and over
12k rows.
In the first row is set the date and in die second to fifth row are stored
data like this:

12.01.10 3434 3474 3734 3434
12.01.10 3413 3434 3458 3474
13.01.10 3534 3462 3432 3494
13.01.10 3437 3454 3434 3534

If I mark the data and add a simple line graph, the Excel is going to be
very slow... You've to wait a minute till the graph is displayed.
As soon as I switch the x-axis type from date (automatically) to text the
Excel is running fast.
In Excel 2000 I do not have this Problem...

How can I create this graph with a date axis and good performance?



Jon Peltier

Excel 2007 has some severe performance problems with charts, compared to
previous versions of Excel. From limited testing of the Excel 2010 Beta,
it looks like these problems have been fixed. For now, seems you're in

- Jon

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