Some controls are locking when the form is opened

Aug 8, 2011
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Hi all,

I hope you can help me.
I've been building a set of forms that are connected to an Access Database (I'm using the 2003 version of IP and Access).

One of the forms is being used to read data from the table (using the data fields not the query fields) which allow the user to confirm and update/change data as required. Once they've finished, they submit the form back to the database. The form is connected to 3 tables (T1 T2 and T3) where T1 is the primary parent table and T2 and T3 are held beneath it related by 1 primary key.

I'm having trouble with T3. When I open the form all the controls linked to T3 are locked/readonly, and the don't pull in the data from the dbase.

I had this problem before (on the same form in a previous version) where I had 5 tables set up like this
where all the controls in T4 and T3a were locked, so I consolidated them into the three table structure above. This solved the problem but I've come back after the weekend and it doesn't want to play ball anymore.

I've not been able to fnd anything relevant when googling my problem (I get no error messages, the connections are fine, and there's data in the table to be queried).

Any ideas?
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