Some messages not imported from Outlook into OE



Dear list,
I need to import a PST file into OE (version 6.00.2900.2180) running
on WinXP Pro SP2.
The PST file is about 920MB big.

The importing procedure does not give any error, but I find that in
some folders not all messages are imported.

E.g. in the PST file there is a folder containing 59 messages. When I
import this (and only this) folder into OE (File > Import > Messages >
Microsoft Outlook) it says there are 59 messages (when importing, the
progress bar shows "Message XX of 59"). When the import is complete,
it says "Your data from 'Microsoft Outlook' were successfully imported
into Outlook Express".
Anyway, I can only count 57 messages.
I managed to isolate the two not imported messages, but I cannot
understand why they were not imported.

Any help in understanding what's going on is really appreciated.


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