Sort Outlook subject by PR_SUBJECT, not PR_NORMALIZED_SUBJECT



When I sort Outlook by Subject in a particular folder, I want to sort the subject field by PR_SUBJECT, not PR_NORMALIZED_SUBJECT.

I receive some email where the Subject field begins with a general topic reference followed by a colon. I want to include the data preceding the colon in the sort - that is, I want to sort "by PR_SUBJECT, not PR_NORMALIZED_SUBJECT".

I want "TEXAS: February Data", to be sorted together with other TEXAS items, all of which which begin with "TEXAS:". I do not ant it sorted after "TENNESSEE: February Data" and before "UTAH: February Data".

Presumably I am not the first person to have had this requirement, but hours of searching have turned up nothing useful. Can someone out there help me?


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