Sounds in Word and Excel



Hi. I am new here so apols if this is a common question.
I have just installed Office Suite 2000 on my new Vista computer and noticed
that I get an annoying beep whenever I go to File / Open and click on a file
or folder name. It never happened with the same software which I have kept
through Windows 98SE and Windows XP so I assume it is a Vista peculiarity.
Naturally I went straight to Sounds in Control Panel but the sound was not
on the list.
How do I turn it off, without disabling all Windows sounds?




I have the same problem. The only response I have received on these forums
is that Office 2000 is probably not Vista-compatible. That may be the reason
for the error beep (I think they are the same sound).

Everything else works so far so I am going to learn to ignore the beep!

By the way it also beeps when I choose a file in ACDSee 7, a photo viewing
and editing suite. When checked their support, they say that this is not
Vista-compatible either, but it too works. I have certain programs I use all
the time and am not willing to upgrade (translate that as $$$) when they
function otherwise perfectly.

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