SPECIAL INVITE: Global Embedded Conference India (May 21, Bangalore)

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    How are you doing?
    Embedded software developers are facing rising design complexity and
    ever greater time to market pressure, while being required to achieve
    results using existing resources. Competitive pressure demands that
    new products be released in less time and at lower cost. How do we
    deal with this increasing market competition?
    The SiliconIndia Global Embedded Developer Conference India focuses on
    systems that are actually deployed in commercial industry, military or
    other production environments, automotive, avionics,
    telecommunications, industrial control, aerospace, consumer
    electronics, and sensors and also deals with the current trends and
    future directions of these embedded Software & System technologies. It
    is the largest event for the embedded community to learn, collaborate
    and celebrate innovation!
    There are 5 tracks and sessions to address issues in all of the major
    application areas and an expo hall that features more than 50
    exhibitors, offering a comprehensive range of hardware and software.
    We are lining up some of the best speakers and the sessions &
    networking will be of the highest order.
    Who will attend?
    700+ embedded software designers & developers, architects, project
    managers and teams, and professionals, analysts and business decision
    makers will attend this power-packed conference.
    Session topics:
    Embedded Applications for the Emerging Markets
    Software Lifecycle Metrics, Enabling Quality, Security & productivity
    Avoiding the top Embedded Software Mistakes
    Building Applications for multi-core architectures
    Staying Ahead of the Linux Software Complexity Curve
    1:Consumer Track:
    Developing cutting-edge embedded applications.
    Tablet Market Segmentation
    Discover the New Era of Sensing
    Adding Sensing Functions to Applications Based on the Linux and
    Android Operating Systems
    2:Industrial Track:
    Motor Control: Trends and Roadmap
    Smart Grid and Metering: Electricity Meter Solutions
    Home Area Networks for Smart Energy Management
    Design Considerations for Next-Generation Medical Solutions
    Sensor Solutions for the Medical Market
    Industrial Safety and Security Trends and Solutions
    3:Automotive Track:
    Automotive Electronics: Market Trends
    Advanced Tools Solutions for Next-Generation Automotive ECU
    The Shift from Automotive Human-Machine Interface (HMI) to Man-Machine
    Interface (MMI)
    Introduction to Automotive Sensors and Applications
    Microcontroller Products for Automotive Applications
    Automotive Security: Providing Peace of Mind for Car Owners and the
    Automotive Industry
    4:Telecom Track:

    5:Space, Avionics & Defense Track:

    DATE : May 21st, 2011(Saturday)
    TIME : 8.30 AM to 6:00 PM
    VENUE : Nimhans Convention Center, Near Dairy Circle, Bangalore

    Registrations now open! Very few seats

    Once you register we have a nominal cost of Rs.500 which provides
    access to these exciting sessions, lunch and other refreshments.

    I am sure you can see the worth that you are getting at this nominal
    cost! So don't miss this opportunity to participate in the strongest
    and most focused conference and exposition opportunity of the year at

    Santosh k s, Apr 19, 2011
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