SQL statement needed



I am trying to update field tblTo.strAdd based on the values of
tblFrom.str1 and tblTo.str1, with a single SQL statement (probably
faster that regular vba code)

Assume tblFrom.str1 has only one record where string field
tblFrom.str1 = 456

tblTo.str1 has string fields 456234, 456789, 4522, 458, 456 with
tblTo.strAdd being blank in every case.

I would like to use a single SQL statement to update tblTo.strAdd
the value 456 for all tblTo.str1 that BEGIN WITH 456, in this case we
will update the 3 records where tblTo.str1 is 456234, 456789, 456

I tried using something like the following in the WHERE of an UPDATE
but with no success

(tblTo.str1 LIKE ' " & strValue & "%' )
where strValue = "456"

The above is ADO. For DAO I would use * instead of %

Any ideas?

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