Start1... Finish1... field locations



Are these fields in the Reporting db of Project Server?
Trying to create a report, but can't seem to find these columns?
These fields contain data for the Interim plans that is being created.

Andrew Lavinsky

Nope. AFAIK, you can't reference them from an enterprise field. One potential
workaround is to create enterprise fields called Start1A and Finish1B, then
have a macro copy the Start1/Finish1 fields on project save or something
like that.

- Andrew Lavinsky



Andrea Q

Will the finish1-10, text1-xx, flag1-xx ever make it across? It is a major drawback that the data is not published to the reporting database. This is just creating bloat in project server where many things have to be duplicated because project can't use enterprise fields in some case and then the reporting database donesn't have fields so I end up having to have lots of extra enterprise fields to copy the data from the invisible fields into. When will this be addressed or at least explicitly defined in the documentation?

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