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Mar 23, 2016
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I wanted to create a new set of Styles in Word, personalized ones. The model can be seen in the attached image.

I was wondering if it's possible to create styles in word with that appearance. I know it's possible to frame and colour the style, so to appear framed and coloured when you use it. Also the indentation is easy to make. But I don't know if it's possible to add the line that can be seen in the image. I want it to go from the frame edge (not to enter inside the frame!), to the page margins, so it separates clearly the chapters of the text.

I would like this line to have the same thickness that that of the frame (same thickness, also same colour). Also I would like it "floating" at the middle of the text line level, a little bit lowered (proportionally to the selected text size). The attached image is a prototype of how a page should look like.

Is that automatic (style) line possible to make in Word Office 2016? How can I make this styles frame and line work in an automatic way in Word ? (like the pre-set ones: appear in navigation pane, in the table of contents... and so on)


Thank you in advance!



  • Styles framed and lined till page margin.png
    Styles framed and lined till page margin.png
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