Mary Sauer

Very nice site... You do Publisher proud!!!
(I'm a Golden Retriever fan myself)...


Congratulations, Tammy, you have created a lovely site.

On a more technical side, could you please let me know how you were able to
make it compatible with Netscape, for instance? Did you use Publisher 2003?
I just discovered that 37 pages that I painstakingly (and no doubt
amateurishly) created with Publisher 2003 are not visible with any other
program than Internet Explorer for Windows on a PC (nothing works on a MAC).
You can only see the text, and even then, it's not formatted correctly. If
anyone is willing to help out, please see the introductory page at: (sorry that it's in

Thanks very much!

T&G Chamberlain

Hi, Catherine!

Thanks for checking out my site....I also put up

I'd love to let you know how I made it compatible with Netscape - but truth
is...I have no clue! I used Pub 2000 - and it did all of the computer work
for me....I just inputted text and pictures.

Sorry I can't be more help :)



Publisher 2000 is quite compatible with later versions of Netscape. Netscape
4.7x is the one that is a little troublesome.


Thanks Tammy and "analog" for the replies. I found the trick, finally, to
make my web pages (designed with Pub 2003) compatible with Netscape (latest
version, 6.2 if I remember correctly). I won't bother you with the details
since you use Pub 2000, unless you are interested. The only remaining
problem is the fact that a gif image displays on Netscape, rather than the
jpg image that I originally placed in my web pages (somehow, Pub 2003
automatically generates a copy of jpg images in gif format...); these gif
images are much less clear than the jpg, which appear fine on Internet
Explorer, of course. Thanks again.



David Bartosik - MS MVP

Pub 2003 is designed to create multiple versions of each image, in gif, jpg,
and sometimes png, and in various resolutions. When the web page is then
loaded in a browser the code in the web page uses logic to check the browser
type and version and then load whichever version of the image is best
supported by that browser.

David Bartosik - MS MVP
for Publisher help:
enter to win Pub 2003:


In what version of publisher did you do your site? It loads fast - what tips
can you give on that?

T&G Chamberlain

I used MS Publisher 2000.

To help the pictures load fast (helps to have cable or dsl), but I made all
of my pictures small (resized with the arrows) and then inserted a hyperlink
to the picture on my computer. When I saved the document as a web page - it
saved my picture to the web (so nobody gets into my computer). Then when
you click on the small picture - it automatically sends you to the bigger
pictures - hence, takes less time to load....


Did you save your pics that aren't hyperlinks that way? I guess I am
confused. And where did you save your pics? I tried this once, but when you
clicked on the pic, it tried to take the path that the pic was on my C drive
and didn't look for it on the server? I kept getting a page unavailable.

Any by the way - I am not getting notified of replies to my posts on this
site? I am having to go back and scroll through the pages one by one and
look for my ID! awful!

any suggestions? You can email me at (e-mail address removed)



T&G Chamberlain

In my folder where I was creating my web page, I copied all the pictures I
was using on my web page.

In my document, I would 'insert picture' then I would resize it so it was
very small (using the corner arrows that come up when you click on a
picture). Then I would hit the 'hyperlink' icon - and add a hyperlink to
that picture - and when the dialogue box came up - I selected 'on my
hardrive' - and then 'browsed' to the file where my web page was, open it up
and click on the picture.

After I was done, I 'saved as a web page'. Then I opened up my upload
program and uploaded it to my web server. It worked this way for me....




David Bartosik [MSFT MVP]

This method only applies in 2000 version. In 2000 it will grab files on the
local drive - called external files - and upload them with the site files.
The 2002 and 2003 versions do not load external files.

David Bartosik - [MSFT MVP]

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