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This is a repost from 1/15 which received feedback but no solution.

I have a report which has 12 subreports within it. The subreports for
columns across the page. I have 12 subreports so that I can hide and move
the columns of data easily versus using one subreport and coding a ton of
move commands.

I would like to add a column at the far right of the 12 subreports that sums
the data horizontally. However, the data in each subreport is in the
subreport's detail section. It is my understanding simply adding the
subreports fields doesn't work.

I cannot use a "Query of queries" subreport to add the rows of data together
as I get "cannot open any more databases" error. Each subreport has pretty
complex calculations themselves and putting them all together in a master
query while run each subreports queary is just too much.

Looking for ideas! Thanks in advance!


Duane Hookom

If you can't solve the too complex issue then possibly use temporary tables
to store your calculated values for display in your reports.

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