Switching out of subscripting or superscripting


Salmon Egg

The instructions on how to get superscripting and subscripting in
PowerPoint, Command+SHIFT+MINUS seems pretty straightforward. My problem
is that I do not know how to get out of that mode. It does not toggle.
That is, if I repeat the command,I just get a subscript on a subscript.

I have been working around this by leaving space for subscripts and
adding regular following text. aI then go back to handling the
subscript. This may be further complicated if I am working with symbols
such as Greek letter symbols.

How do you get out a series of nested subscript/superscript combinations?

Another workaround I have used is to prepare equations in Maple. Take
screen shots and paste the pictures into PowerPoint. Maple gives much
prettier results at the expense of substituting graphics to represent



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