Table cross-check



Hello to everyone!

I need help comparing two excel sheets.

In short, i need table to be compared by cell values.

The reference rows are:
Sheet1: ROW F(NET)
Sheet2: ROW B(NET)

Matched columns should be colored and thats it.

The only catch is the that all values should be seen like in plus (+) value even if its minus(-) value.

Thats because a same value in sheet1 is (+) value and in Sheet2 its in (-) value and reverse.

In short, macro or formula should ignore minus charachters and look just raw value.

One more would be good if there is error margin at 1.00, meaning next:

In sheet1 value is 456.84
In sheet2 value is 456.62

If error margin is 1.00 these should be marked as matched.

Matched columns should be colored and thats it.

Windows 7
Office 2013

Uploaded datasheet:


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