Table &Entry in Enterprise global cannot be overwritten


Wu, Cheng

We have a new project manager, I modified the project owner to be the new
project manager, however, the first time the new project manager tries to
connect to the projectserver (2003, sp2a), the message said
"the enterprise global already contains a filter named "enterprise

Do you want to replace the filter with the one from the enterprise
global, replace all items with duplicate names, rename the filter in the
project, or cancel opening the project?"
we choose replace all, the the next message:
"There is a table named &Entry in this project which cannot be overwritten.
Press OK to rename it, or press Cancel to cancel opening the project"

What should we choose? what are the consequences?




Dale Howard [MVP]

Cheng --

In the future, pleast post your Project Server questions in the
microsoft.public.project.server newsgroup, as this newsgroup is closing
down. To answer your question, the user should simply click the Replace All
button. The second warning is caused by pollution in the Enterprise Global
file. Only the Project Server administrator can solve this problem by
performing the steps in the following FAQ: Documents/cantoverwriteobject.htm

Hope this helps.

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