Table of Contents with Bullets and Numbering



This must be an obvious questions, but I just can't find the solution even
calling Microsoft support all over the world. I write contracts. The
contracts are formated as follows:

1.1. Articles of Incorporation. The articles of incorporation bla bla bla
1.1.2. Definitions. Each term shall bla bla bla

I use bullets and numbering (ouline levels) to keep control of each section
and sub-section. When I go to generate the table of contents, either I loose
the numbering (if I keep the outline levels) or Word inserts the whole
paragraph into the index instead of just the title or subtitle (title=
SECTION 1: GENERAL TERMS; sub-title 1.1. Articles of Incorporation.)

It looks like Word, if I use levels assigns level to the entire paragraph
regardless of the period after each title or subtitle. So I don't have this
option. If I keep bullets and numbering alone the Table of Contents is
created without the words SECTION 1: and without the subtitle number "1.1.".
It only puts into the table of contents the title name such as Articles of

Since the document I am trying to create is a legal document with table of
contents, I assumed that this would be a very easy thing to resolve and that
Microsoft would certainly have addressed this matter for the legal community.
Unfortunately, I found nothing but article ID: 163658 in the knowledge
liabrary, which basically does not solve the problem.

Thanks to any one that could help me. You can also send an email to
(e-mail address removed). Thanks!


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