Table Style


Debra Ann

MS Word 2003:

I continue to have issues with a style that is not on any of the rows, but
it shows up when I click on the box in the top right corner of the table to
select the entire table. This often screws up the styles that are assigned
on the rows. For instance, I have the header row with "Table Header" which
is arial bold 10 pt centered. The remainder of my rows are "Table Body"
which is times new roman 10 pt left justified. Sometimes when I copy a table
on a blank paragraph line that is just body text style, the table ends up
screwing up. I check the first row and it is assigned Table Header. I check
the other rows and they are assigned "Table Body" but when I click on the box
to select the entire table, a separate style I have in my document for
section headings (Title - Justified with Text) is selected. This style is
indented at 1.25" which ends up changes the other two styles I have to be
indented also at 1.25".

How can I remove this style that is controlling the entire table?

Thanks so much,

Debra Ann


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