Task date changes on PWA



We are trying to find out when a team member finishes a task early, how can
they report the date changes to PM. for example, if a task is supposed to
take 10 days and on 8th day the task assignee reports 100% completion on PWA,
can the system move the end date 2 days early to reflect that task is
We noticed that this does not happen in PWA and may be by design. Do we need
to tell the team members that if they have to report task finished early or
late, they need to report the progress in % and the changed date in finish
date too on PWA? thanks ..



Dale Howard [MVP]

Prash --

From your description, it sounds as if you are using the % Work Complete
method of tracking progress. Assuming this is the case, you need to add the
Actual Start and Actual Finish fields to the My Assignments view. Doing so
will allow a team member to show an early/late Start date on a task, and
enter an early/late Finish date on a task. When a task finishes, the team
members do not need to enter 100% in the Progress field. Instead, they
enter a date in the Actual Finish field. Hope this helps.

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