Task Splitting - how do I prevent?


Robert Lindner

I am new, just learning. I am setting up a project to rennovate a house. At
this point, I dont want any task to split. (I'll do that later.) However,
When I level, some of my tasks do split. How can I prevent this?

Here is my setup:
I have two Resources. Both work full time, but have different resource
calendars, as they each have a few unique days which they do not work.

Resource 1 is assigned to some tasks alone, and to other tasks with Resource
Resource 2 is assigned to no tasks alone; always assigned to other tasks
with Resource 1.

My settings are:
- settings match the other calendars

- Split in progress tasks selected (However, all of my jobs are being
scheduled two months

hence; no job is in progress, yet.)
- Duration and Work entered in hours
- Default task type is Fixed Work. (All my tasks are Fixed Work.)
- Manual
- Updating tasks updates resource status selected
- Move end... and Move start... NOT selected

- Level Assignment - set to NO for every task
- Leveling Can Split - set to NO for every task
(I enter the tasks in a Gantt View where I can trip from the default YES to
NO when I am entering the task)
- Assignment Delay - every one is blank
- Task Calendar - every task is set to the special calendar I set up for
this project

Tools/Resource Leveling
- Manual
- Level entire project
- Level only within available slack - NOT selected
- Leveling can adjust individual assignments... - NOT selected
- Leveling can creat splits... - NOT selected

Since I have Resource 1 assigned more work than Resource 2, I would have
expected Leveling to push the project to the right, with Resource 1 fully
allocated and Resource 2 under allocated. To a large extent, this happens.
However, there are occasional tasks that get split, with Resource 2 working
his manhours on one day, then Resource 1 working his manhours on the
following day. This would be OK for some tasks, such as picking up a pile of
rocks, but for other tasks, such as two people picking up, hauling and
installing a refrigerator, it is not OK to split the task. But it does.

Im at a loss as to why it is splitting some of the tasks.



Robert Lindner

Sent you the file (it is MS Proect 2007). Did it make it to you uncorrupted?
(I have problems sending large files)

Jan De Messemaeker

Hi Robert,

This may look like futile semantics, but leveling does not split your task
What does is the calendar difference between your two resources: one works
that May 10, the oyther obne doesn't.
Leveling pushes the task (as a whole) to May 10, 8:00 hrs, then Chris
Russo's calendar tells Project that his part of the work is moved to May 11.
After that, leveling sees no problem any more and leaves things as is.

Calendar differences between resources wan split tasks. There is no setting
whatsoever to prevent this: pity, pity, pity, but that is unfortunately how
it is. Microsoft oapparently doesn't consider working together as a
requirement. Their meetings must be very special, each participant "meeting"
at a different time :))

So shocking that in fact I wrote an article on it, with a workaround:
http://users.online.be/prom-ade , click to "An article on Microsoft Project"

In a nutshell: if working together is a strong requirement all resources
should have identical working times, and scheduled absences have to be
introduces as "Must Start On" tasks. Then Leveling's parameters can take
full effect.

Hope this helps,

Jan De Messemaeker
Microsoft Project Most Valuable Professional
+32 495 300 620
For availability check:

Robert Lindner

Thank you. That solves that mystery (one of many) of the software. I
understand your work-around.

Yes, microsoft needs to understand that in certain tasks, all resources need
to work together, and in others, they don't. They also need to understand
that when all resources are not present, sometimes those present can do all
the work, and sometimes the absent resource needs to do his part of the task.
Picking up rocks can be done by anyone. When all the rocks are picked up,
the job is doen. However installing an industrial pump may require riggers,
pipefitters, mechanics and electricians, all who need to do their share of
the task (I know, you can break down the job to further detail - bad example
- but you get the idea.

So they need a flag, such as the ones they have for leveling, that allow you
to specifiy whether or not all the resources need to be on the job, or not.

Again, thank you for your insight and help.

Robert Lindner

I have one other occasional problem -

Sometimes when I enter a task, then enter the resources, it changes the
resources percentage of time on the job. For example: 2 Resources, 100%, 2
hours Work - expecting 1 Hour Duration. It results in different Duration. I
change the duration to 1 Hour, and it changes the Resources from Resource 1
at 133% and Resource 2 at 67%. (This is after I change all the flags as I
indicated in the previous problem.)

I find I have to go in to the Task and delete, then re-enter the Resources
to get them to stat at 100%.

Any ideas?



MS Office Guru

How do you write a new question on here? I am trying to find out how to turn




Replied to in your earlier posts. Perhaps if you told what you
wished to accomplish with smart tags in Project we could be of more

I hope this helps. Let us know how you get along.

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