Team Resource Re assignment question



I am using PS 2007 with SP1

I have a team Team A and Res1 and Res2 are associated with Team A .Res2
acts as a leader. When a Project is published with Team tasks and Task
resource is set as Team A.

All the tasks are available in Team Tasks page and Res2 self assigns all the
tasks to him. Then He click "submit selected" for Project Manager's approval.
PM approves it. Then Res2 go to his "My Task" page and try to reassign few
tasks to Res1. But Cannot find Res1 in "Reassign To" column.


Do we need to have Res1 and Res2 along with TeamA in the Project plan to see
Res1 in the Reassign column?

Can Project Web Access identify all the associated Resources (Res1 and Res2
and TeamA) and displays in "Reassign To" column?

Am I doing anything wrong in settingup Team resources (only TeamA is in
Reources pool checked and Generic Resource. Res1 and Res2 are selected with
TeamA in the team)?

Any Help is appreciated.




Dale Howard [MVP]

Senbag --

Yes, Res1 and Res2 need to be on the project team before one of them can
reassign a task to the other. There is no way to make the software work any
different from what you already see. I think you are seeing one more
limitation of Team resources. Hope this helps.

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