Team Resources Error


Prasanna Adavi


I have created some team resources as follows:

1. Created a team lookup table with team names ( Team AA, Team BB...)
2. Edited the "team name" field to use this lookup table.
3. In MS Project, created a generic team resource for each team, assigned it
to the team and set the "team assignment pool" to "yes" for these tam
4. Added members of the team to the teams.
5. Saved the ERP.
6. Created a project schedule and assigned the team resource to tasks.
7. Published the project schdule.

When I have one of the team members go to "My Tasks" and click the
"Self-Assign Team tasks " option, they are getting a "an unexpected error
occured, use Webpart maintenane page..." error.

What Am I doing wrong?

Gary L. Chefetz


This usually indicates corruption at the assignment level. I can't tell you
what's going wrong based on your post. It sounds as though you're doing
everything correctly.

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