Theme Background



When I go to Options in an email, and select Themes, and select a theme, my
email does not display the background associated with that theme. If I go to
the Tools/Options menu in Outlook, I can select themes and stationery there,
and those display fine - but they are different than the themes available in
the email message. I've checked my security settings, made sure I've
selected HTML for my email format.... I do not see any option to use Word as
my email editor, as was a setting in Office 2003..
Anyone have any ideas?


Do they send/receive with the theme? i.e. if you sent yourself an email with
a theme selected, would it display when you received it?

(And on a side note ... can you please explain to me why you use them in the
first place? I've never understood this concept ... )


I did try sending an email to see if the background shows, and it does not.
The font style matches the selected theme, but, there is no background.
It's funny that you ask why, I know some people like the clean simplicity of
no frills email. For most of my professional communication, I do not use
themes. However, it is often effective for a communication that I want to
stand out from the norm, it gets people's attention.


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