Timesheets not going to Approver



We are using Project Server 2010, and I have been made the approver for alltimesheets submitted. However, when resources submit their timesheets (by going to save, send status, send timesheet) only a few will actually show up in my Approval Center. And when I go to check on who has/has not submitted their timesheet, (through timesheet approval history > timesheet) some resources are not listed as having outstanding timesheets, but they are not in my Approval Center.
Additionally, on the Approval History page, it indicates that some resources- some of the same timesheets I am not seeing in my Approval center- have "In progress" timesheets. Why are these not showing up in my Approval Center if they have all gone thru the same steps?

Is there something I'm doing wrong that not all timesheets are showing up in my Approval Center??


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