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Steven M (remove cola to reply)

I'm working on a document that I converted from PDF to Word 2000.

The main body of the document has ordinary page numbers (1, 2, etc.)
Then there are several appendices, each with their own table of
contents and page numbering (A-1, A-2, etc.).

The page numbering in each section starts with 1 (or A-1, B-1, etc.).
To get those, I added the characters "A-" to the footer of the section
for Appendix A, and so on.

I also created new styles for the Table of Contents entries in each
appendix. This TOC field almost gives me what I want, for the TOC in
Appendix A:

{toc \t "Heading A1,1,Heading A2,2"} (I)

However, each page number in the Table of Contents is missing the "A-"
prefix from each number.

The online help says:

\p "Separators"
Specifies the characters that separate an entry and its page number.

Therefore, this TOC field should work, but does not:

{toc \p "<tab>A-" \t "Heading A1,1,Heading A2,2"} (II)

The result looks just like the version given on line (I), above. It is
lacking the 'A-' sequence.

This version of the TOC field adds the "A-" characters before the page
number, but the tab character is missing, that would place the number
at the right margin tab setting.

{toc \p "A-" \t "Heading A1,1,Heading A2,2"}

Any suggestions?

Steve M - (e-mail address removed) (remove dirt for reply)

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Steven M (remove cola to reply)

After some more experiments, here's what is happening: only the first
character in quotation marks after the \p switch is included in place
of the tab character.

The Help screen says that it should accept up to 5 characters here.
Is this a bug? If so, is there is a workaround?

The only other way I see to do this is by using chapter numbers and
SEQ fields, which I have done before. However, how can I tell Word
that the "chapter number" is actually a letter?


Steven M (remove cola to reply)

After more research, I have learned that this is a well-known bug.
The \p switch only uses the first character and not five. So it's
useless for this.

I'm not sure what to do next. Currently my Heading styles do not
including automatic numbering, the section numbers are hard coded in
the text.

I'm not looking forward to switching to automatic numbering. It's
something that will provide zero benefit in working with this

Is there another way?



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