Too many points on horiz axis



I'm working with an MS Chart/Graph in an Access form. I realize this is an
Excel newsgroup, but I can't get any response in the Access newsgroup.
Hence terms such as "form" "rowsource," etc., may not seem familiar. But I
think the question relates simply to the graph object. I hope someone can
help. Or, perhaps, point me to a more appropriate newsgroup or forum?


I have a graph on a form. The form has no datasource. The graph's
rowsource is a table/query:

SELECT qryLevelsAll.Week_of, Avg(qryLevelsAll.Level) AS AvgOfLevel
FROM qryLevelsAll
GROUP BY qryLevelsAll.Week_of
ORDER BY qryLevelsAll.Week_of;

When this SQL is executed I get two rows:

Week_of AvgOfLevel
9/5/2011 2.575
9/12/2011 2.8

When I remove the average and Group By I get 6 rows:

Week_of Level
9/5/2011 2.7
9/5/2011 2.6
9/5/2011 2.5
9/5/2011 2.5
9/12/2011 2.8

I would expect the chart to show points across the bottom, 9/5/2011 and
9/12/2011. Instead I get the EIGHT dates from 9/5 through 9/12.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?



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