Transferring E-Mail Messages & Contacts/WABs from old PC to new P.


Office mis-User

I have spent days trying to transfer e-mails and contact/WABs from my old PC
to a new one. Old PC is Pentium II, Windows ME; new PC is Pentium IV,
Windows XP Pro. I experienced several problems, which I think should have
occurred after this many versions of Windows and Office.

(1). I was shocked to find Windows XP Pro only allows transfer with a null
modem cable and NOT A USB CABLE. I don't have a a long enough null cable.

(2) WAB files are not easily COPIED DIRECT (not exported) to Outlook or to
an Office file. Also, these files are somehow tied into identity
registration which makes it difficult to keep track when there are multiple
USERS on both PCs, and I have had to use WAB and CONTACT files at various
times over the last 3 years.

(3) Ideally, one could easily merge or copy (export?) a WAB file to a
contact file, or vice versa.

(4) I used Intellimover to transfer the first user from old PC to new PC,
and it was fairly successful. However, every time I tried to transfer files
from a second or third user, Intellimover sent THE WHOLE SET OF FILES all
don't recommend Intellimover unless you only want one user to be transferred.

(5) Finally, I am disappointed that Microsoft would charge me to analyze
the situation which THEY CAUSED IN THE FIRST PLACE, by not making migration
easier. The problem is compounded by the security and activation issues.

(6) Oh, yes, could MICROSOFT REMOVE the activation request from the popup
windows after the software is activated? One never knows if they will loose
the privilege of using the software, so they are forever assigned to the
petulant task of checking the activation status when it pops up.


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