I am trying to import a text file into access. The
problem is that it imports all of the data into one
column, opposed to the five columns that I want. How
would I go about fixing this.



Ken Snell

The data obviously are delimited with something other than a comma, which is
the default delimiter that ACCESS "looks for" when you use TransferText. You
can set a specification for ACCESS to use when it imports the file.

Do the import process manually. Enter all appropriate info into the Wizard
for each screen it shows -- one of these screens allows you to specify the
delimiter. On the last screen of the Wizard, before you click "finish"
button to actually do the import, instead click the "Advanced" button at
bottom left of screen. You then will see a screen that contains all the info
you entered. Click the Save As button and save the specifications under some
name. Then click OK. You can then either cancel the import or continue it.

Then in the TransferText action, you can specify the Specification name that
you saved the specs under. ACCESS then will use your specs, inlcuding the
delimiter that you specified.

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