I have a very basic macro that:
1) renames an existing base table from "abc" to "abcYYYYMMDD" (where
YYYYMMDD is the current date).
2) uses transfertext to import data into a new table called "abc"

Problem is, if the data I'm trying to import doesn't exist, I no longer have
a base table available to do step 1 on the next run, and the whole thing
breaks down.

I'm not very good with code, so I'm looking for a simple solution. Either:

1) checking to see if the file is there, and quitting the macro if it's not,
2) if the transfertext fails, renaming the file BACK to "abc" (reversing
step 1).

Help?! I greatly appreciate any help!




Ken Snell [MVP]

It's easy to test if a file exists. You can use the Condition of a macro
step to test this:

Condition: Dir("PathToFile") = ""
Action: StopMacro
Comment: If this step is true, the file does not exist, so stop the

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