Trouble w/ conditional formatting and dates




I'm having trouble with a formula in conditional formatting.

Column D has an expiration date (date a pledge expires) and Column E will be
blank, but Column E will be where I want my conditional formatting. I want
Column E to say in bold, red letters, CALL CLIENT!, when today's date is less
than or equal to 3 days before the expiration date in Column D.

The conditional formula I had in Column E was FORMULA IS:
=IF((TODAY()<=$D$1)-3, "CALL CLIENT!") and then I had it format the font to
be bold, red if statement is true. This doesn't work. Can someone help?

Thank you very much!


Put this in E1
=IF(TODAY()<=(D1-3), "CALL CLIENT!","")

then use this in FORMULA IS for conditional formatting for cell E1

You can then paint this on other cells in Col E

If you want to compare all cells in E with D1 then change D1 to $D$1...

Rick Rothstein

Instead of making the additional call to the TODAY function in the
Conditional Formatting formula, I think you can just use this "Formula Is"
formula for the Conditional Formatting in E1...



I'm sorry but it is not working. The cell doesn't do anything. Do you think
the <=(D1-3) part is correct? B/c I want to say if today is 3, 2, or 1 days
before the expiration date or on the expiration date then say "Call Client".
Can you think of anything?

Thanks for the reply.

Rick Rothstein

Try this formula...

=IF(ABS(D1-1.5-TODAY())<=1.5, "CALL CLIENT!","")

and use my


Conditional Format formula in the "Formula Is" field.

Shane Devenshire


In cell E2 enter the following formula and copy it down as necessary:

=IF(TODAY()-D2<=3,"Call Client","")

Select the range with these formulas and click the Bold button, choose Red
from the Font color drop down.

There is no need for condtional formatting!

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